• Bat Removal/Control
  • Rat Removal/Rat Proofing
  • Raccoon Removal/Exclusion
  • Skunk Removal/Control
  • Squirrel Removal/Exclusion
  • Opossum Removal/Control
  • Repair/Cleanup
  • One-Time Treatment for Pest

Pied Piper-Professional Wildlife Management is a team of wildlife specialists who use time proven methods & materials able to withstand the harshest of elements and the peskiest of animals.  We are a family owned and operated wildlife removal company that expanded from a husband and wife team. We take pride in old fashioned values like honesty, and putting the customer first. We don't exaggerate health risks or use scare tactics to sell you services you don't need. We simply tell you what's going on in those dark places of your home, that you probably don't want to crawl around in, and what can be done to take care of the problem long-term. Pied Piper-PWM provides a complete wildlife removal service from removal and exclusion to clean up & repair we take care of the whole problem. We can help get those bats out of your attic or help you rid your home of an extreme rat problem once and for all. 

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