He regrets nothing. Your garbage was delicious and these are his flowers now! He's looking for a nice cozy spot for him and the wifey to raise all fifteen of the kiddos. Give us a call when you are ready to serve that eviction notice. We can help find them some acreage with a view.

  Once an opossum lives in your attic it will usually want to stay. Opossums leave their feces and urine in the insulation and soffit areas. If that opossum ever leaves other opossums will be attracted to that smell and will make your attic their new home. Opossum usually have between 10 and 15 young. Since opossums are marsupials they carry their young in a pouch where they are weaned for about two to four months. When the young of opossum are big enough to explore on their own they will use their birth home for another 1 to 2 months before finding a new home. Some of the female young will stay until they reach sexual maturity.
  Opossums can do significant damage in your attic and can be very expensive if they are not removed. They can destroy your air conditioning duct work, rip apart electrical wiring, and ruin the dry wall. .
  Although opossums show a resistance to rabies they are host to intestinal parasites and fleas. Dogs and cats are subjected to the fleas of opossums and can be bitten if attacked. Opossums are one of the largest carriers of the cat flea which can carry multiple diseases. Opossum can look pretty scary when threatened.

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