You know you wanted to go to the office smelling like that skunk that's hanging out under your house. He thinks he smells fabulous! It's enough to drive a person crazy! We remove skunks so you don't have to! If their smell alone isn't enough to make you want to leave the dirty work up to someone else, here are a few other compelling reasons:

Like many other mammals, skunks are animals that can be prone to disease. Some of these diseases can be transmitted to people and animals. Skunks are one of the most common carriers of Rabies, along with several other diseases. They can also carry canine distemper and parasites such as ringworm and roundworm that are commonly transmitted to pets

The internet abounds with tips and tricks to scare skunks out of your crawl space. From moth balls to chocolate we have heard it all. The only long-term solution is to call us and let us complete a professional eviction and exclusion. We can also help with odor remediation and clean up.