Thinking you would rather pass on managing your own bat cave of an attic space? We can help with that. There are various reasons to not want a bat colony in your home, but we promise that bats aren't all bad. Bats are excellent mosquito eaters. Pied Piper's bat removal service can safely relocate the bats currently in your home and seal the structure against future colonization. We also do all the dirty work when it comes to cleaning up their mess. We can also install bat boxes outside the home to help keep the bats around to do what they are best at, pest control.  Not all wildlife removal companies are the same. Our bat control technicians are experienced bat relocators and always perform a proper live exclusion. We don't use traps, poisons or fumigants in an attempt to remove bats. All residential bat work comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. Call Little Rock's number one bat removal service 501-804-8484 or fill out our online contact form for a free inspection and estimate on removing bats from your home or business. 
                                                                          * Lifetime Guarantee*