Had Enough?

First it was the garbage and the cat food. Now he's crossed the line by getting in and taking your Cheetos! He loves your attic, he's moving in. Freeloading is his thing. He likes to stomp around a lot at night while you sleep too. He sounds really heavy. (It's probably all the Cheetos he's been eating.)

At the Pied Piper we get lots of calls from people saying it sounds like a person is walking around in their attic. Don't panic, we can help. Raccoons can weigh up to 25 lbs and they can do quite a bit of damage. They are very smart and their hands have thumbs like ours. This means they can tear apart all kinds of things in your home. Also, between April and June your attic could become their new birthing center. With 2-5 kittens it's going to sound a lot worse! We trap and remove Raccoons, repair and seal off any entry points, and re-enforce against future entry. We preform durable as well as aesthetically pleasing repairs to your home or business.

Some Raccoon Facts: