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Arkansas Game And Fish Rehabilitator FAQ

Arkansas Wildlife Rehabilitators By County

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association


Humane Society Of Pulaski County

Little Rock Animal Village/Little Rock Animal Services

  Maybe you aren't sure if what you see or hear is worth all of this fuss. Animal damage can be a lot like seeing the engine light on in your car. What may seem insignificant on the surface could be a huge problem. Here are some reasons why you may want us to help with your situation:

  Trapping the animal, and patching the hole themselves, as quickly as possible, are usually the first thing people think of when they have been up for what seems like endless nights listing to all that racket in the attic. We don't blame you. We know you want that noise gone as quickly as possible and as inexpensively as possible. However, there are several disadvantages to these DIY approaches. These types of repairs usually only offer a temporary solution to the problem. Simply removing the animal will just make room for more to take its place. And without proper repair and control methods you may soon find that there are new holes and worse problems to address.

 Click the link to read the      Arkansas Department of Health Wildlife Fact Sheet 


Animals like to make nice, warm fluffy beds with your insulation. You can't really blame them it's cold outside. And when its hot, why not make a big hole in your duct work for a nice cool breeze?

Our babies have teething rings but all rats and squirrels have are wires and pipes and,...maybe a Lego or two. Their teeth just keep growing and they have to chew, chew, chew to keep them at a nice manageable length.

  Also, many DIY wildlife removal efforts often kill baby animals. Baby animals can be left behind in attics when eviction is not done properly and locating baby animals can be difficult. Therefore it is best to have a wildlife expert asses the situation to make sure that mother and babies are relocated together.

How Much Does Our Service Cost?

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If You Find An Injured Animal

Every home is different, every animal problem is different as well. It is nearly impossible to give an accurate assessment of the problem and the cost to treat it, without a thorough in-person inspection of the structure. So, every job begins with a 100 % free inspection. A detailed, written explanation of the costs and exactly what repairs need to be made will be given to the customer at that time.

Our Apologies! Unfortunately we do not trap and relocate domestic animals. If you are having a problem with them entering your crawlspace,or other areas of your structure, please call us for an estimate on structural repairs that can prevent this. If you happen to find a lost(yes, it has to be abandoned) kitty or puppy, and you can't keep, him please Google the number for a domestic animal relocation service near you.

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We accept Cash, Check, and all major credit cards.

My Neighbor's Cat/Dog Is Annoying Will you come get it?

Is usually ok. Raccoons, opossum, and other wildlife are frequently seen in neighborhoods(even in the city) just hanging around in a tree( or maybe wondering where there favorite tree went). Usually they will move on. However,if they decide that your house is the next best place to crash, please give us a call.

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Our repairs are guaranteed to keep the animal or animals listed on the original agreement out for at least 12 months following their removal and exclusion. (Some work may carry a longer term, please ask your salesman for details.)  If the animal,or animals, that we treated and repaired for, return within the guaranteed period, we will remove them and re-seal, at no further cost to you.  At the end of the guarantee period you will have the option to renew ,according to the terms of the original agreement, for a small renewal fee, which is stated on the original agreement form.  Don't worry, we will make a reminder call to you or send an email( your preference) at the end of the guarantee period..