It's Enough To Drive You Nuts!

Squirrels inhabit homes frequently during the fall, winter, and spring and can be heard in the attic right around sunrise and sunset, sometimes throughout the day as well. During the spring squirrels nest and breed. This is also the time that they tend to be the most active and cause the most damage. Once squirrels have decided to make your attic their home, they wreak havoc, chewing through shingles, air conditioning duct work, and damaging beams. Squirrels leave droppings and urinate all over your insulation. They can cause extensive damage to your home’s fascia boards, soffits and vents. It’s common to see heavy chewing on all wood areas. Squirrels are highly territorial creatures and it is important to ensure that they cannot re-enter in your home. Please call us at 501-804-8484 if you believe that you have a squirrel problem.

You just closed your eyes for a nap but Mrs. Squirrel has decided that the 12th pile of nuts furthest the door to your attic is exactly the place where the nest should be. Anywhere else is just too drafty. It must be moved! Just put them over here, no, no,over there.....over over there......

Squirrel Facts